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               188-3438-8886     18834388886@139.com


              Jincheng Honghui Pipe Co., Ltd



              Jincheng Honghui Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Nancun Town, Zezhou County, Jincheng City, which is a well-known "foundry town" in China. It covers an area of more than 80 mu. The total investment of the project is 405 million yuan. The factory is located 10 kilometers away from Jincheng District and is close to 207 National Highway and Jinyang Highway. It has excellent geographical conditions and convenient transportation. It is a modern private enterprise integrating research, design, manufacturing and sales. Honghui Centrifugal Ductile Iron Pipe is manufactured with advanced production equipment, reliable technology and stable quality. The whole production process is strictly in accordance with GB/T 13295-2013 "Ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories for water and gas pipelines". The product has the advantages of sanitary safety, green environmental protection, corrosion resistance, non-scaling, simple construction and so on. Honghui Centrifugal Ductile Iron Pipe is used in drinking water distribution and transportation system.

              Our company will adhere to the enterprise purpose of "user demand as the direction, customer satisfaction as the goal", vigorously introduce excellent management and technical personnel in foundry industry, strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 international quality system certification standards, and strive to build a high starting point, high quality, high standard of modern foundry enterprises!


              主營 DN100-DN1200 水冷金屬型球墨鑄鐵管






              備案號:晉ICP備10001461號-11 版權所有:晉城市鴻輝管業有限公司 技術支持:龍采科技(晉城)有限公司